This year and for the first time, IRD Duhallow is running a Biodiversity Camp for children. Project scientist, Kieran Murphy, of LIFE project will lend his expertise and be on hand to guide the children through this exciting event. An event which will see the wildlife of Duhallow come to LIFE. With a particular emphasis on the aquatic environment, children will be brought though the underwater world as well as what lives in the fields, forests and ditches that surround us.

Creatures and plants from the freshwater environment will be on display. In addition and back by popular demand the children will be brought though what it takes to become a "Nature Detective" in your back garden. How to track otters is a particularly exciting activity for children and it is something that can be learnt very easily. Kieran's expertise in birds has always been in high demand for the annual Duhallow Dawn Chorus outings and the Duhallow Birdwatch Group, and so children are in for a particular treat here when it comes to our feathered friends.

Children will also be thought the importance of looking after our environment and its importance to everyday life and how projects funded under the EU LIFE programme can really make a difference to wildlife conservation. Needless to say the Freshwater Pearl Mussel will feature and who knows, there may even be a prize for those who can guess the age of that mussel accurately.

The event is part of the Day of the Regions celebrations here in Duhallow and takes place from July 27th to August 4th. For more information contact Kieran or Helen at 029-60633.

Biodiversity = the diversity of all living things, and that includes creepy crawlies, furry mammals, plants, slugs, germs, even you!

 The IRD Duhallow LIFE project is part funded through the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union.


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